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Your Charter

    It is our goal at “Committed II” to bring you the ultimate Maine experience. Come along for the ride, and let’s work together to build your custom, one-of-a-kind adventure.

    All gear, tackle and bait is provided with our fishing trips.

Whether fishing or sightseeing, we advise all passengers keep the following in mind:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure

  • Dress warmly in layers

  • Bring sunglasses, hat and sunscreen

  • Wear rubber-soled shoes

  • Bring lunch, snacks, beverages

  • Bring any required personal medication (i.e., epi-pen, insulin, nitroglycerin)

  • Camera


Alcohol is allowed in moderation. Any signs of excessive intoxication will result in immediate return to port with no refund.

Illegal or recreational drugs are not allowed on board for any reason. Any signs of possession of these substances will result in immediate return to port with no refund.


Mother Nature is unpredictable and the safety of all passengers and crew is priority number one. The Captain will make the final determination of any charter’s departure from port.

  • Any charter unable to depart based upon the Captain’s determination will receive a refund.

  • Any charter required to return based upon the Captain’s determination because of weather conditions will receive a prorated refund.

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